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JusTme (Timothy Scott, Jr.) is a mindful hip-hop artist and mindfulness instructor from California's Bay Area. Since 2012, he has been spreading love and insight on mindfulness and well-being. Bringing students and their families positivity, mindful practices, and well-being through his coined term, "mindful Hip-hop", JusTme started working with K-12 students in the West Contra Costa Unified School District of Richmond, CA.

In 2015, JusTme collaborated with Richard Davidson's Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to help with a study on the benefits of bringing mindfulness into elementary school classrooms. Inspired by JusTme's musical approach, a group of 5th grade student's at Glendale Elementary made a music video for JusTme's "D.F.Y.L" (Don't Flip Your Lid). This song explains the brain science on the 'Fight or Flight response', and how mindfulness can help a person calm that response.

JusTme continues to study mindfulness practices through various trainings and personal exploration. JusTme continues to share his talent with students around the globe through his engaging school visits, mindful hip-hop tracks, and social media.

JusTme featured on the cover of October 2016 Mindful Magazine.



Mindful Hip-Hop

by JusTme



The Four Parts of Being Mindful by justme:

1. Being present

2. being aware

3. using our thoughts & emotions

4. embodying self-love & care

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Nowadays, it can be hard to really connect to our young people. Young people's focus and behavior at home and school can be challenging. Us, as adults, should explore every way possible to make that connection, so that we can impart our experience and knowledge in a meaningful way to impact their lives and well-being. 


Hip-Hop is an art form that is cross-cultural, and young people gravitate towards the lyrics and rhythms. 


Insert: JusTme's Mindful Hip-Hop. 

Taking familiar beats and flipping the lyrical content to a more positive perspective gives our young people ideals and values that will benefit them, along with the form of expression that they crave. 


In addition to sharing JusTme's Mindful Hip-Hop, he leads students and staff through mindful practices and techniques that can help them to self-regulate and cultivate self-love and care.

"classroom kick it" SESSIONS with justme


JusTme wants to serve as many students as possible, but sometimes, distance makes it difficult. So, let's close the distance. Sign up your classroom or community for a virtual mindfulness "Kick It" session with JusTme. 

Contact JusTme with your "Kick It" day and time request - music and mindfulness guaranteed.



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