Take a look at how JusTme's work is impacting individuals and their communities around the globe.


Sofia | 1st Grade Teacher, CAlifornia

JusTme has been an incredible role model to our growing 1st graders. Each day, we practice mindfulness in our classroom with the help of JusTme's inspirational music and video resources. My students are completely in love with JusTme! He has helped them make a strong connection to mindful breathing and movement practices, and are so eager to practice strategies that Jus teaches them--such as mindful sits or the finger-tracing breathing technique. Best of all, they love learning, singing, and dancing to his songs as a way to celebrate their practice. I also feel incredibly grateful to have worked with Jus in educator trainings, and can say from personal experience that he is one of the most authentic, caring, and inspiring people I have ever met. JusTme would be such an asset to any school community because of his incredible ability to connect with people and children. 



kevin | 5th grade teacher, maine

Last year, I came across the practice mindfulness for the classroom through my own ongoing search to find ways to benefit my students, and to be a better teacher. I learned about Plum Village with Thich Nhat Hanh and his new movie, “The 5 Powers." Soon after that JusTme came across my radar. I was new to the idea and the practice of mindfulness, but like most things that I am excited about, I jumped right in. I started showing my students the work that JusTme did at the school in Madison, Wisconsin. We then started listening to his music, dancing to his songs, and making our own mindfulness videos. 'Mindfulness will change your life!' Everyday in the classroom, we struggle to meet kids where they are at, tend to their needs, nurture them, and show them that they are amazing people deserving of wonderful lives filled with love, hope and opportunities. JusTme delivers the foundational message that all kids are worthy of love and respect, all kids are amazing, and that we need to be our best and treat ourselves and others as the best. More than academics, I wish to instill this philosophy of living in to my students."



"JusTme has been an incredible resource for our school community. His songs and videos have been used schoolwide as part of our focus on Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness. To our students and staff, JusTme is larger than life and provides students with a positive role model. I have seen firsthand the significant impact he has had on our students, staff and families. He is genuine, approachable and invested in helping everyone he comes in contact with experience the benefits of mindfulness."